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1012691_143422292518393_1916526061_n_copy mark_sjnhs23 3 post(s)

How to know if who rated your pic without leaving comment?

For_id mikeocana 12 post(s)

there’s a lot of lacking functionality in creme actualy mark. i can list some of my observations :

  • How do you check who made a favorites in your photo.
  • How do you list the summary of all comments with rates of all your photo.
  • How do you list all your followed users

And maybe some of others have an observation also, Hope creme will address all this concerns to make it better.

4407_88384700937_662590937_2335516_6229737_n carlo Administator 152 post(s)

We are working on these. A beta will be available very soon.
Thanks for your support!

1012691_143422292518393_1916526061_n_copy mark_sjnhs23 3 post(s)

Thanks Mike for noticing it!
and BTW…Mr. Carlo…I’m so excited about this coming version of Hdrcreme!

Klaus_sailing honkie 3 post(s)

next version should allow you to edit your comment/vote or delete them all together, which should take care of unwanted double and triple entries that could happen whenever the connections slows down or people get impatient after their mouse click. it also would allow you to correct spelling mistakes or wrong comments
if blind voting is still allowed in the next version, it should be at least possible to see who has voted w/o leaving a comment. This would stop the misuse of this feature, when one user just gives low rates to other user because he/she cannot take criticism.
… just my thoughts

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