Recently, I have been amused and dismayed at behavior I believe to be caused by significant differences in the reason why different people visit this site. I think it might be interesting and instructive to know why others come here.

I come primarily because I love the exquisite beauty of some of the images posted here. For me, HDR is tool that allows us to partially overcome a primary limitation of traditional photography- that is- a very narrow dynamic range. I look mainly for images that display this increased range in a way that is visually pleasing while showing technical proficiency. All the better if the photographer has captured something that the unaided eye either cannot see, or only rarely sees. The images I see here are an incredible source of inspiration.

I enjoy getting feedback on images I have produced as well. This is with no real sense of 'entitlement'. That is, I don't have an expectation or need to have my ego boosted. I think everyone likes to hear their work is 'marvelous' and 'amazing', but I've gotten more good from negative, constructive criticism than from the ego boost.

Since I am here basically to learn, I would much rather receive feedback telling me WHY an image was good (or not so good) as opposed to single word descriptions like 'nice', 'great', 'crap', etc). I realize that some may not have the time to give this kind of response. This is the reason why I respond mainly to images that speak to me in some personal way.

For me, an ideal image would contain information as to how it was created- as opposed to camera-none, exposure- none, no notes, etc. Even a short description of what the photographer was thinking, etc. would be of great value to me.

Enough of my ramblings. I just thought it might be interesting to see why others come here and what they are looking for.


Atom (Bob)


I'm gonna explain my votes on your photos then :) it's obviously a better way to do here, event if members aren't ready for that.
You know, we all have a different view of the same photo. And maybe i don't react as the others on that point.

For example, i'm a big fan of the wOw effect and ready to give a 10 even if i see some errors like noise, CA, etc...
I look the entire photo first, and sometimes, just after, my eyes are leaded to something wrong.

I think this wow effect needs several points as: colors, HDR effect ( i mean a perfect correction of the black and white zones ), but the subject must be interesting. I've seen so many perfect processed photos with really common or without interest.
Well, we're not supposed to travel all over the world, but a great landscape in the sunset will always be better than a door :)

From now, i'm gonna explain my votes better than a just a number :)



Hey Vince is your girlfriend going to do the same with her votes Ha Ha Ha

Regards Graham


She's forbidden to touch, to approach, even to look at a computer :)


I come here to post pictures and get a fair assessment and some feedback. I don't come here to endure the endless harassment from an asshole.