OK, I know the subject of the inadequate voting system has been debated almost endlessly, and I have never contributed to it, but I've just been awarded POTD for a picture that should NEVER have won when faced with competition such as Fred's 'Whytecliff Marine Park West Vancouver' and I actually feel really embarrassed about 'winning' with 3x10s and an average of 9.1 when Fred's picture got a well-deserved average score of 10 with all 8 votes giving it 10. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to win POTD, but NOT when you know that ONLY in a world gone completely barking mad have you actually really 'won' it.

It seems, from reading previous posts on this subject that everyone who has an opinion on the scoring system shares the same view; that view being that it's wrong and should be changed. So I just don't understand why the owners of the site aren't listening to the consensus of the users that drive the site and are largely responsible for whatever level of popularity (or seemingly increasingly lack thereof) the site has.

I know there are far more important injustices in the world today to get my knickers in a twist over, but believe me, I get my knickers in a twist over those injustices too!


I think is easy to fix it, next time to never feel that way the only thing to do is to delete the image before voting time end.