Any members out there using 'Lightroom'. If yes, what version are you using & what are your comments on the software.

I have used Lightroom for a few years now, my current version is 3.5. Although I have just downloaded the Beta version 'Lightroom 4'. Jury is still out on this at present.

There are lots of links to other software direct from 'Lightroom' i.e Photomatix Pro, Photoshop & Topaz adjust.

So HDRcreme members, what are your thoughts..........


Tried the trail version over the weekend. Seems to Works great & a great editing tool. Lots of nice presets, but kind of awkward to import a photo. Using Mac.


I use "Lightroom 3.2 64 bit" very successful. Great advantage is the synchronization of images. I trim, edit an image and transfer the setting to another. There is also a usefull "Photomatix Pro plugin".


For several months I have been using Lightroom 5. I had become (overall) disappointed with Photomatix. It seemed that I could get some parts of the image perfect, but others, not so much. It seemed that most images resulting from tonemapping in Photomatix had some type of problem that was induced (artifacts, halos, noise, etc). I finally merged my RAW files to a 32-bit floating-point TIFF. This can be done in Photoshop or Photomatix. This TIFF can be adjusted in Lightroom to produce a very photo-realistic looking image without tonemapping. If you like aspects of the tonemapping process then it is very easy to blend various parts of the photo-natural image with one or more tonemaps. Importing the images into Photoshop as layers is a great way to do this.

The downside to this is that it takes a lot of time. But, it gives incredible control to the artist making the image.