My HDR workflow consists firstly consists of taking multiple exposures manually. I dont ever bracket my shots.

I open the shots i want in Photoshop Camera RAW. I make any adjustments i think i need before layering & tonemapping with Photomatix.

Once i have made these adjustments i batch process them with Photomatix. I generally go for a very suttle looking HDR. Almost photorealistic rather than hyper real or painterly. The reason for this is that i spend alot of time working with photoshop, Nik software & Tiffen software to make adjustments after.

Like with can add salt but you cant take away. Basically i dont want a strong hyper HDR that i cant make more realistic....bit if i start with a very suttle image...I can manually use tonal contrast, glow tools, dodge & burn to make it more painterly looking.

The programs i use for this are Nik Color efex 4 & Tiffen DFX v3. I selectively use tonal contrast on certain areas of my image. This making it more hyper real in places. I use glamour glow on other areas to give me the softness & depth of dynamic range.

If you guys dont use Tiffen DFX v3 or Nik Color efex4.....i definatly recomend using them. If you need any help with them please do ask.....there extremely useful for producing good HDR imagery.