With my DSLR in repair for more than 3 weeks and I am still waiting, watching my collection of lenses resting on shelf, (oh well...) - I would like to do a little survey here as ,obviously, we all cannot go for a drink together and chat...

If you could add your thoughts/own experience what most reliable, sturdy, well designed piece of gear you have ever owned or really liked to use (ever) and why, that would be great! I think we all have some "keepers" at home we are never going to sell or pass.
For example for me (depending if the issues with my current cam will be fixed) it always was Pentax SMC 50mm lenses. Even old M and A series, it is just one beatiful lens built as a tank, small, sturdy, delivering crispy images, it is pleasure to use them and they never let me down. In terms of cams (but I have not owned many of them, so I cannot really tell) I was quite happy with Olympus brand for some reason and Pentax. Mixed experiences with tripods, bags, filters, etc...

But I know many of you guys are really good photographers, some of you are already professionals, so I think it would be great to share your gear experience. It is a bit sad that many of us do not share camera and gear details when uploading the photos, because I think that is what it has been designed for.

So, what are YOUR "keepers"?? :)


Peter, I totally agree with your choice of Pentax I have exactlly the same lens and it was used for many years on a Pentax MV. The camera still works as good as the day it was brought, but what I like best about Pentax is you can use all of their lenses on modern day cameras, even the 42mm screw ones with an adapter. Pentax wise I have had, Pentax MV, Pentax ME Super, Pentax Z10, Pentax MZ60 and the one I use know Pentax K100D. I have also owned cameras from other makers, Zenith, Practica, Lubitel and none of these cameras have ever let me down. I, as most, have purchased the wrong bit of kit, flimsey tripod will probably be on top of everyones list. Just to finish I recently did a shutter count on my K100 and descovered it has managed 15161 and still going strong. I used PhotoMe to get the count.

So, the Pentax K100d is definitely my "keeper".


Thanks Kevin for your input - much appreciated! It looks like it is only you and me who owns any reliable gear as no one else has commented yet. :)

It is funny about the tripod (and you are 100% right and it is also my experience) - it just make me wonder how many cheap flimsy tripods it sometimes takes to realize there really good sturdy one needed... :)

I really like the body shape of K100d, very well made! I am currently stuck with K-x and it is a hell lot of a camera but as always if there is something fully packed with features there is always a higher possibility that something will go wrong. I cannot wait for a replacement body though!


Hi Peter!
I'm 56 yrs, and took up photography in 1971. In this "first period" I used mostly Pentax bodies and lenses (and a Mamiya 645/lenses and a Ricoh).
No trouble with anything, ever. I'm the careful type…
All gear sold or given away many years ago.

First digital camera bought in 1998 (AGFA e1280(?)). Next ones was Canon 90IS, 20D, 30D, 40D, 30D IR.

Present bodies:
Canon 5D Mk II. No issues at all.
Canon EOS 30D IR (converted by LifePixel).Barely used, but fun to have. No issues at all

Present lenses:
Peleng 8 mm (circular fisheye). Fun lens, but used barely, but definitely a keeper. No issues at all (bought new ca 5 yrs ago).
Sigma EX 15 mm f2.8 (diagonal fisheye). Used barely, but a keeper. No issues at all (bought new ca 7 yrs ago)
Canon EF 17-40 mm f4.0 L USM. In use 90% of the time. No issues at all. Bought used ca 4 yrs ago.
Canon EF 70-200 mm f2.8 IS USM. No issues at all. Bought used ca 4 yrs ago. Will probably switch to version II in the future.
Sigma EX 105 mm f2.8 DG macro. Used only for macro. Bought new ca 7 yrs ago. Often slow and hunting AF. I can live with that.
Canon 2X extender. Regret that one. Should have bought the 1.4X (sharper)
Canon flashes (420/550). Barely used. No issues.
As you understand, I am a Canon guy, and I will probably stick to only Canon in the future, both lenses and bodies. I'm sure that Nikon guys will tell you the same :-)

I have been a computer nerd since 1983 and have owned 15(?) printers of various brands. I'l will stick to Canon and HP in the future. I have a Canon Pixma IX4000 (A3, ink, 5 yrs), Canon Pixma MP630 (A4, ink, scanner/printer, 4 yrs), HP 2600N color laser printer (A4), HP Z2100 44" large format photoprinter (ink, 4 yrs, fantastic printer)

PC's: No particular brand. Build them myself. Like ASUS motherboards and Samsung monitors (present is SyncMaster 2443 a 2 x 245B). SSD's and lots of RAM…

Samsung Galaxay SII (I9100). Perfect phone.
Samsung WB2000 (TL350 in the US) compact camera. Perfect for my use (glove-compartment-camera and light travel)
BMW 320 Da E90…No issues at all :-)


So far

My canon 7D it is just over 8months old and it has over 135k shots and still clicking like a beast :D