Does anybody know why the Canon N3 cable for the Promote Control system is no where to be found? The Promote Control system is a work around for the automated 3 photo AEB limitations on some DSLRs. The additional cable allows for more functionality with the system. However, it has never been available as long as I have searched. One popped up on Amazon and I was all over it but just got an email saying Amazon mistakenly listed the item which is not available. Just curious why an $18.95 cable is out of production for a system that under production and continually getting firmware upgrades. Thanks, Greg


Hi, I myself bought the promote 5 months back, and had numerous problems with the first cable where it had the two pins earth and signal swapped. They then sent a replacement cable, still had some problems. So after that and I believe numerous other user complaints they took it of there site.

They even sent me a replacement unit and the problem still persisted.

My personal work around.

Buy a 2.5mm female to 3.5mm male adapter and any N3 cable with the 2.5mm male end. like most intervalometers use. then presto... Promote N3 cable.

BTW this solution is by far the most reliable Ive used :D