Beginning fall

Beginning Fall...

Ici 800x600
iciworm the River Wupper which flows under the "Schwebebahn" and in the Knife City no.1 Solingen. This little Waterfall was used around 1900 to drive watermills and produce knifes, scissors and all such things in Solingen which is known worldwide for that. I allways wanted to take a shot of that with long exposition to make the water look very smooth. Here i took 15 seconds for exposition, the sun was just going down and i used a Pol-Filter for making the Colours and the water look nicer. Was not easy to get a moment without wind these days for such shots, but for me this is my best one even though it is a Single Raw, but otherwise this would not be possible at that day.

lens 30mm
Camera Settings
ISO 100
HDR Settings
shooting style Tripod
shoots number Single RAW File
exposures -2,0,+2
processing software --- !map:HashWithIndifferentAccess "84454270": !str str: Others "@_rails_html_safe": false "84454840": !str str: Photomatix Pro "@_rails_html_safe": false "84454720": !str str: Photoshop "@_rails_html_safe": false
file format RAW
note Samsung NX 100, Pol-Filter