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Old Boat Museum

Redneck boat

Click on image to view at Highest Resolution....Thanks for viewing. I took a number captures here (Old Boat Museum) a couple of years ago which can be seen in my gallery. Since that time they have added a few more to the collection. Due to limited space and crowded display it is impossible to try and single out any one boat for a Photo. Hope you like the scene as is. It includes a Homemade Built Rowing skiff (center background) and DugOut Pirogue directly below with sign above it. More Pirogues ("pee-rogues", left and center foreground) and another dugout on the right. Top right on wall is a Hand Made Canoe and just below it is what is left of an Old Indian hand carved Dugout from the 1800's.

model Nikon D800
lens Nikkor 24-70mm
Camera Settings
aperture F/6.3
focal length 24mm
exposure time 1/25
HDR Settings
shooting style Tripod
shoots number Multiple Exposure
exposures 5@1EV
processing software Photomatix Pro, PaintShop Pro, Topaz Denoise
file format RAW