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Alford, Lincolnshire Working 5 sails, 7 storey, Tower mill Alford Windmill (pron. "Olford Windmill" in Lincolnshire) is a five-sailed windmill in Alford, Lincolnshire and the only surviving windmill out of four. Today the windmill has been restored to working order, and grinds grain to organic flour. It is open as a tourist attraction. Alford Windmill is a seven-storey Lincolnshire type tower windmill with a stage - featuring a slender, tapering brick tower, tarred to keep the moisture out, covered with a white onion-shaped (ogee) cap with fan-stage, huge fantail, and white sails. She has five patent-shutter sails and originally three, later on four pairs of stones (two pairs of grey or peak stones (cut from rock found in the Peak District) and two French "quartzite" stones). The seven storeys are called: ground floor (contains a hurst frame with the engine-driven (from the outside) fourth pair of (grey) stones), storage floor, spout (stage) floor (also called meal floor), stones floor (with the original three pairs of stones (one grey pair, two French pairs)), lower bin floor, upper bin floor (with the sack hoist), dust or cap floor (providing access to the inside of the cap). The mill provides a flywheel at the mill's base connected by pulley to a town gas driven engine in the adjacent shed. This engine makes the mill independent of wind if it has insufficient to drive the sailcross. In her hey day Alford Mill was capable of grinding 4 to 5 tonnes of corn a day. Built as a seven-storey windmill in 1837 by the well-known local millwright John Oxley the mill belonged to a group of four windmills and is the sole survivor today. At the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century Alford featured a four-sailed mill (Wallace's OR Station Mill, now a stump), a five-sailed windmill (Hoyles' Windmill, today's Alford Mill), and a six-sailer (the now dismantled (in 1973) six-storey Myers's Windmill, built in 1827 with six left-handed sails, in her time also called the Alford Mill) as the only place in Lincolnshire beside Horncastle.

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