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HDR +Topaz

Redneck boat

It seems hardly no one post TRUE HDR images here anymore. I think it has a lot to do with the voting system as I have communicated with several members over the past few years who think it should be removed. I seen many images posted here that are over processed, filled with noise and artifacts or just not HDR at all. Today I am posting an image that was first processed in HDR then given a Treatment in Topaz Impressionism. I know it is not what the site is about but I am trying to raise attention to the fact that if members do not post high quality HDR images here the site will probably soon be history. Perhaps there should be different categories to post images in such as True HDR, HDR +Topaz, HDR B&W, HDR Phone Images, etc. Whatever........ something to revive the site. Please CLICK on image to view at Highest Resolution. Comments Welcomed.

model Nikon D300
Camera Settings
focal length 200mm
exposure time 1/320
ISO 200
HDR Settings
shooting style Hand Held
shoots number Multiple Exposure
processing software Photomatix Pro 6.0, Topaz Studio
file format RAW