10 Mind-blowing HDR portraits

HDR might not be the first thing that pops into your mind when thinking about portrait photography. But with the right post-processing and an interesting subject you will be amazed by the result. Below a selection of 10 mind blowing portraits in HDR. Try to spend a few seconds on every portrait and imagine what's the story behind these faces. It's stunning how HDR can help adding more details and depth to portaits and enrich even more the viewer experience.

Tea Mann

Picture by tatofotoartex

Carnival of Venice 2014

Picture by danieleferretti

Thoughts about life...

Picture by kajan

Lillian June

Picture by insightimages

Candida.... my perfect model

Picture by gio8710

Old man

Picture by gamelover

...old man II...

Picture by roblfc1892

One last day in the sun.

Picture by Randall.Lohr

Gracefully Aged

Picture by markshdr

The Untitled

Picture by abhishekp3

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