Photo contest sponsored by Photomatix



The subject
Reflections. An image with some elements reflected by a shiny surface.

Shooting style
Tripod and multiple exposures

The post-processing
The picture should have sharp details of the subject and/or the reflected image.

Picture information
To qualify for the prizes please make sure to complete all the form fields on submission. This includes: location, camera settings and HDR settings.

Maximum of 2 entries (posts) per photographer.


Prizes are distributed as following:
Winner: $150 Amazon Gift Card + Photomatix Pro Plus License*
First Runner up: $50 Amazon Gift Card + Photomatix Pro License*
Second Runner up: Premium quality HDRcreme Polo T-shirt
* already have a Photomatix License? Get Premium quality HDRcreme Polo T-shirt instead


The winner and the two runner up will be selected once the contest has been closed. Number of likes, number of favourites or rating system will not be used to select the winners.

Winners will be announced on this page and via our mailing list. Make sure you have signed up.

How To Join

Upload as usual and use these specific tags to join the competition. You can also add the tags to old posts to join.
reflections contest

Start Date

June 01, 2019

End Date

June 30, 2019

Photos in competition

The photos in competition will appear here once the competition has started.