Sante Elena Canyon

Picture by snapshooter

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  • December 11, 2009
  • Canon EOS 300D
  • Canon 18 - 55mm
  • Shooting Style Hand Held
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number 1/250th @ f/10
  • Editing Software Others
  • File Format JPEG
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11 Dec 17:51

At this point in Big Bend, Texas, the Rio Grande flows through Sante Elena canyon, separating Mexico (Left) and the U.S.A.(Right). The cliffs rise about 1000ft at this point, and one large step will put you in Mexico without getting your feet wet.

12 Dec 00:52

Great place to visit! Going there myself again in spring. Great composition! 7 of 10 from me.

12 Dec 05:41

Great composition! I see some artifacting/fringing happening. With a little extra post processing, this would be even better. 7/10!

12 Dec 10:55

Nice color and composition..8/10

08 Feb 11:49

Looks very good! Maybe you could bring a bit of detail out of the dark shadows.

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