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  • December 12, 2009
  • Nikon D200
  • 12-24 tokina
  • Shooting Style Hand Held
  • Shoots Number Single RAW File
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  • Editing Software Photomatix Pro
  • File Format RAW
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12 Dec 15:29

Near Valpelline Lake - Valle d'Aosta Italia. An experiment from one shot.

12 Dec 15:33

I love this photo but I wish the hand wasn't in the frame. I've seen your other work and you are one of the best photographers in this gallery. 9/10

12 Dec 15:34

Molto molto!!!!

12 Dec 16:08

Outstanding and Near Perfect HDR. Well Done 10/10

12 Dec 16:39

Quite the opposite. The Hand adds to the image as to why the cows head is in the forward leaning position.

12 Dec 16:47

I fully agree with Digicam. The DOF,sharpness and processing,it just dosn't get any better than this! 10/10 for me.

12 Dec 17:06

brilliant image. A real winner The clarity and point of view is great. Incredible. Agree with dudakphoto - 10/10 jeff

12 Dec 17:31

This image will go down as one of the all time greats in the Creme. Well done Larsen.

12 Dec 18:05

Outstanding photo 10/10

12 Dec 19:22

Okay, it's time something is done with this voting. After I had voted there were 4 Votes cast rating this photo at 9.4. Since my vote there has been 4 more comments and votes of perfect scores yet it shows 12 votes and a rating of 7.2... There are membe

12 Dec 19:24

Cont........members who are either jealous are do not recognize an Excellent HDR image when they see one. I realize you have the right to vote what ever you think.

12 Dec 19:27

Cont......But if you are going to vote then please leave a comment saying why you think the image should be scored a 6 or below.

12 Dec 19:29

I think I may have a solution to the voting. Please take the time to read my suggestion in the Forum under "Advice & Comments" ....Comments and Voting which I posted two days ago. Thanks!

12 Dec 23:46

Yes Digi this is absolute BULLSHIT!!! This stunning photo had a 9.7 after I voted. I have seen some absolute crap posted on this site lately. And this was not it. This is a remarkable capture

13 Dec 00:47

ehm ... what I have to say? I always tell when i don't like a photo and why.. so i'm not nice to all people of the site. Is not my problem. I'm not search for approval of fucking people. I'm searching for comments and critics of people who are able to cri

13 Dec 00:47

I'm searching for comments and critics of people who are able to critics and discuss photos because DO beautiful photos. I'm not posting here in search of a "photo of the day" ( altough i'm happy if i am on first page, how wouldn't? ). bah.

13 Dec 03:57

This is front page worthy material if I ever saw it! Absolutely fantastic in every way. Screw the jealous bastards who try to pull others down in their own jealous misery. You get a 10/10 REAL vote from me, my friend!

13 Dec 13:04

Absolutely stunning shot! 10/10 for me.

13 Dec 17:03

This is a great shot...For me, much better than the other shot from this series. The human element makes all the difference. Well done! 10/10!

13 Dec 17:34

LoL how many 2 they gave me? after some 10/10 the vote is always near 7.8 ahah Mharb did you vote? or not?

13 Dec 18:18

I agree with digicam! In the little time I have been on HDRcreme I have noticed the "night raiders" who seem to score the best images with low scores and leave No comments. I think if you score an image the site should automatically give you credit for y

13 Dec 18:19

our opinion and give you credit for your opinion. Like Scored/No Comment. This one gets a 10 from me!

13 Dec 18:19

our opinion and give you credit for your opinion. Like Scored/No Comment. This one gets a 10 from me!

13 Dec 18:29

Yeah, I voted. Gave you a ten on this one, seven on the other cow picture. For me, there were problems with the other picture. This one was perfect.

23 Mar 17:37

I like the perspective.

06 Dec 19:55

Great shot! Beautiful shot of the cow and background.

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