Ivory tower...

Picture by 1krtecek

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  • January 09, 2010
  • Nikon D 40
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hdr 1krtecek Petr Zelený image obrázek foto Ivory tower Neverending story


09 Jan 22:46

not sure what i am looking at on the right but I don't care. this is beautiful! Well done

09 Jan 23:18

8/10 nice

10 Jan 09:18


10 Jan 12:29

Fantastic image but I too keep looking at the structure trying to determine what it is. The comp is outstanding! Care to elaborate on how the image was produced? 8/10

10 Jan 14:33

great work!! 7/10

10 Jan 20:57

to s-martin:Thank you for your comments and evaluation. Image is composed of two photographs.HDR image poppy fields and photographs of the tower.The tower is my own creation of modeling clay about 30 cm tall.All assembled in the program Photo-Paint.

10 Jan 21:10

Sorry, but the ivory tower realy pi$$es me off. I would gave 9-10 if this were a natural scene. The clouds and the field look so nice - why putting this crappy tower inside of it? 5 by me.

10 Jan 21:39

to Oliverw:Why the tower? Image is made to order, the tower has to be there. Field itself would probably be nicer ... Thanks for the comment.

18 Jan 16:28

agree with oliverw whitout the tower this is a 10/10 picture the tower kills this otherwise awesome picture

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