WHY Minnesota?????

Picture by dmc

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  • January 29, 2010
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29 Jan 18:08

Brrrr. 2hours of snowblowing and frozen..

29 Jan 18:09

Why, because I love all the seasons...!

29 Jan 18:45

really, 1 out of 10,, what a joke... I'd really like to know how you come up with that... honestly... let me know. and i'll look at your work.

30 Jan 00:45

Enough complaining... Can someone please tell me why this is worse than terrible on the rate scale.? I'd like to know so I can improve.

30 Jan 01:35

I'll give you my two cents. As a straight image, I like this. It's interesting and a little disturbing, in an arty way. My problem is I don't see much high-dynamic range. The jacket is pitch black with no detail at all, and most of the detail outside the

30 Jan 01:37

window is lost. There is also a lot of color noise. Still, you tried something different and should be commended for that. Also, try posting you processing information

30 Jan 01:39

such as exposure value, number of shots, file type, etc. That might lead to more constructive criticism. I give it a 5/10.

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