The former home of John Maddox

Picture by pigfacedshell

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  • April 07, 2010
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07 Apr 04:49

Entitled "Hermitage", this symbolic gateway was erected as a tribute to The Hermit John Maddox who lived in this area for about 20 years. His dwelling was a small hut with a bark roof. Surrounding his hut were lots of tea-trees and paths he had covered with sea shells and bottles. At the entrance to the property was a warning sign, Blasphemers not allowed in here! It was only after John Maddox was admitted to hospital suffering from a serious attack of Edema that the local community learned his actual name. Because of his habit of quoting scripture he was seen by local people to be a religious man, and when asked whether he considered himself religious he replied, Aye, I have tried to be. Ive had my tribulations, and I know they have been visited on me for some good purpose by an all wise Providence. He saw the fact that his name had been made public as an additional tribulation he had to bear, but was disappointed that after eleven years as The Hermit people in Melbourne would be able to recall the name John Maddox. This was a situation he had striven hard to obliterate. He gave no reason why he wished this to be so except that he believed his humble life as a hermit was ordained. John Maddox passed away in 1917 at age 60 and not long after vandals callously destroyed his home and art objects.

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