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  • June 29, 2009
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trees House sky beringer CA napa


29 Jun 00:00

Beringer in Napa, CA. more on

29 Jun 00:00

Alot of HDR photos do not look like a real photo but have poor blending of one region to another, so that the dark clouds, etc just look wrong. Yes, you can go for that look as an artistic effect, but this should not be the primary effect. It looks awfu

29 Jun 00:00

I blended 4 images you asshole.

29 Jun 00:00

Really like your shot but gave you a 1 anyway due to your profanity. Guess that makes me one too, huh?...

03 Jul 00:59

hey Anonymous, great pic. And you, Anonymous, maybe Anonymous is an asshole, but I bet Anonymous is even worse.

20 Nov 17:51

This is well composed image with a great ominous sky. I think the perspective could have been partially corrected as the tree along the left border really accentuates the tilt of the building. Being negatively critiqued by one less knowledgeable is bette

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