Wooden Bridge Mark 2

Picture by degsy

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  • September 19, 2010
  • Canon EOS 500D
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19 Sep 14:47

This is the same image before but I have toned it down as suggested by some. I would be interested in what you think of them side by side as to say.

19 Sep 14:54

Looks more realistic now. Well done!

19 Sep 16:17

I like it a lot better now. The only thing that I might do is open the shadows up in the trees a bit.

19 Sep 20:23

Great work!

20 Sep 02:43

Cool, Cool. I like them both. Agree to open shadows a bit more.

20 Sep 23:01

IMO original had more impact and creativity. Sometimes it's worth traveling the path less popular. Last week I posted "Escaping Atlantis" which receive luke-warm reactions. Take a look at same image posted on Flickr (rgkroll). It has received two full p

20 Sep 23:03

ages of awards. By the way, we Van Gogh was alive, no other artists panned his work! Keep experimenting!!!!!!!!!!!

22 Sep 07:49

Many thanks for all your comments. If I am honest I liked my original over this one.

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