Stourhead House

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  • September 22, 2010
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22 Sep 07:53

The Stourton family, the Barons of Stourton, had lived in the Stourhead estate for 700 years when they sold it to Henry Hoare I, son of wealthy banker Sir Richard Hoare in 1717. The original manor house was demolished and a new house, one of the first of its kind, was designed by Colen Campbell and built by Nathaniel Ireson between 1720 and 1724. Over the next 200 years the Hoare family collected many heirlooms, including a large library and art collection. The last Hoare family member to own the property, Henry Hugh Arthur Hoare, gave the Stourhead house and gardens to the National Trust in 1946. This room had one crazy colour scheme going on!

22 Sep 08:45

What an amazing room.

22 Sep 13:29

nice picture, great colors !

22 Sep 14:48

I love it......

22 Sep 15:19

Great colors

22 Sep 16:43

That is some wild rug!

22 Sep 17:56

How wonderful! The photo shows well the magnificence of this room.

23 Sep 00:21

9 = superb!

23 Sep 09:00

Thanks for Pic of the Day guys! also arnie, I didn't really change the colours of the rug it was that colourful in person!

21 Dec 12:50

It is really nice. I think it may be a little too smooth.

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