Golden Walkway

Picture by 4colourprogress

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  • January 06, 2011
  • Tokina 11-16mm
  • Shooting Style Hand Held
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gold landscape texture hdr nikon d90 4colourprogress golden


06 Jan 12:15

I was out and about just before christmas over the ever popular Lea Valley, this place is actually an orchard so I made a mental note to come back to this place in the spring! I knew before I even took the shot that I wanted it to feel like a warm image and considering it was -5 below outside I had my work cut out for me. As the temperature was so cold it gave the image a slight blue hue but using the temperature control settings in Photomatix Pro I managed to get the tone I was looking for. Then came the fun part, post processing with my new Bamboo Pen that Amy got me for Christmas. It took me a while to get used to it and the processing is very uneven in a few places but hopefully I will only get better with practice. I also took this oppertunity to mess around with some Hi-Res Textures that I found on deviantart (credit to Princess-of-Shadows for that). Oh yeah before I forget, I hope you all had a good Christmas and wish you all the best for 2011!

06 Jan 12:57

a happy new year to you too :). This is so warm, all I can think of that I want to walk along that wooden path, I'm sort of imagining that it leads off to some magical and distance place, I love the first tree and the light towards the top of it

06 Jan 13:47

Nice Picture but way to much light for me and the colour is a bit strange.

06 Jan 15:54

brightness and warm so much, but position and composition is perfect

06 Jan 16:06

Thanks for the comments guys! I think the brightnes issue is due to the Texture I used over the top of it, it was my 1st shot at working with textures so I probably did something wrong lol.

06 Jan 17:25

Great capture but the light to much for me. Still a great job

06 Jan 17:46

First - congrats on trying something new! I know how hard that can be when you put it out there for others to judge. Second - great work! Love it, it has an antique feel to it. Like it was in a box of cherished momentos :o)

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