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  • May 05, 2011
  • Fujifilm Finepix S6000fd
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  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
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  • Editing Software Photoshop / Photomatix Pro
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Borobodur Central Java Indonesia Buddha


05 May 05:49

one part of the temple of Borobodur in Central Java, Indonesia as there is not enough place at the comments I want answer here to mikeocana thank you for your comment (and now also your vote) and the idea from where to take the photo. have to have a look, guess i took also some from there too. but from there you cant's see the jungle with its fog and the mountains behind. but ruhri is right with the lower right corner looking boring. but for that shot was no other possiblity to place the tripod, maybe handheld bending/hanging over the wall.... "this is just a snapshot to me. no effort on composition"....yes ? "hard" words to someone who carries a tripod around and takes photos. see text before and have you hearded about the rule of thirds ? here the link to a rule of thirds overlay

05 May 05:53

einsame Spitze, that's the way the cookie crumbles! Favorite!

05 May 06:23

i always wanted to visit this place

05 May 07:41

The lower right corner looks boring. Changing your position would have helped.

05 May 07:46

"The lower right corner looks boring. Changing your position would have helped. " than i would have fallen one level down ;-) thank you for comments and voting

05 May 12:17

Halo visible in the top right corner.Still nice to look at

05 May 12:25

i agree with ruhri, improve composition, this is just a snapshot to me. no effort on composition

05 May 12:37

sorry i forgot to rate. :)

05 May 13:44

It would seem to me someone as yourself who sees all the problems with everyones images and know exactly how to correct them Would be able to produce PERFECT IMAGES everytime.

05 May 13:58

@digicam Who says it is not the PERFECT IMAGE ? ;-))) joke aside.... so you think only accredited photographers are allowed to share their meaning ? everybody can see if a motive is centered, a ratio is 50/50 earth/sky or that a horizont is not str

05 May 14:04

No not at all gecko. Comment away. But think before you write. Your Nit Picking and some times stupid remarks are unwarranted. @digicam Who says it is not the PERFECT IMAGE ? The people who comment and vote on your image.

05 May 14:10

I like it, because it`s look like very natural! (It is not over done.)

05 May 14:12

@digicam nice your answer on a fun question ... PLease let me know my "unwarranted stupid remarks" i am very willing to learn.

05 May 15:10

the rule of thirds is not applied here :) any p&s carrier (or a regular) can shoot like this. the rule of composition is not just a snapshot. but i like the processing here my friend, looks natural... congrats :)

05 May 18:38

Honestly I do not watch how and where the photo was taken, but I see the final result, and in this case the wall in the lower right is a great distraction and annoyance to the eye. For the rest, the scene works!

05 May 18:42

I see that someone already mentioned what I was going to say, about the rule of thirds. You cut the frame in half horizontally, which makes for a weak composition. Thank me.

06 May 00:17

Considering where you had to shoot from I don't think the composition is all that bad. I may have raised the camera to slightly to capture the scene started at the 2nd row of stones below the statue, removing the lower right wall from the shot. Everything

06 May 00:18

Everything else is great.

06 May 20:45

Great photo and place. I would have tried a different view to see more of statue. This would be nice with high pass filter.

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