First Light On The Matterhorn

Picture by interweb

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  • August 09, 2011
  • Canon 7d
  • Canon 10-22mm
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -2, 0, +2
  • Editing Software Photoshop / Others / Photomatix Pro
  • File Format RAW
  • Notes This photo was also post-processed with Topaz Adjust 4, Nik Sharpener Pro, and PhotoTools 3.
matterhorn zermatt swiss switzerland sunrise mountain hdr landscape


09 Aug 12:58

I woke up just before sunrise on my first day in Zermatt, Switzerland so I could venture out and capture a gorgeous sunrise photo of The Matterhorn. As I was walking around, I passed by this area and heard the Matterhorn yelling "Take this photo!". I listened to the Mr. Mountain and took the shot. :) Hope you enjoy it!

09 Aug 13:17

The object of the photo is the peak and is well that it is highlighted. But precisely HDR is to harness the dynamic range for more details of dark areas.

09 Aug 13:18

Amazing view. Very real looking. Nice job.

09 Aug 14:43

Very subtle HDR effect here, but it's a nice shot ;o)

09 Aug 16:54

The only time I've been in Zermatt I saw the Matterhorn for a total of 30 seconds! Nice capture

09 Aug 16:54

I love the POV. A lot of contrast here between the peak and the rest of the image.

09 Aug 23:44

Really nice.

09 Aug 23:58

Outstanding image!

10 Aug 01:02

Thanks everyone for the comments. I do read them and very much appreciate them.

15 Aug 23:59

very good works!

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