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  • August 26, 2011
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sunset hdr nikon single RAW amazing high contrast saturation best


26 Aug 11:46

Allright, I realy tried not to overworkit, so i want to know your opinions, is it good, bad. If bad than tell me what should i change

26 Aug 16:13

Do not look over processed,but neither is the natural look. I do not notice because, if you compare it to other landscapes will notice. It may be that by removing noise, flatten a bit, do not know. Maybe someone who knows more, can help you better.

26 Aug 16:17

It is best to try the same image different processes.You do not put a lot of data of the shot. That gave exposures?. A true HDR is a minimum of three shots,the rest is Pseudo HDR.

26 Aug 22:41

Lovely. But it does look very much like a painting, which in most of cases lacks detail and is opposite of HDR...

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