eye of patan durbar square

Picture by bikash

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  • August 30, 2011
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30 Aug 06:20

Patan Durbar Square complex, situated in the center of Patan city, also known as Lalitpur, houses the residence of the former Patan royal family. Patan Square and its surroundings are good specimen of ancient Newari architecture. There are three main courtyards in the palace: Mul Chowk, Sundari Chowk and Keshav Narayan Chowk. Mul Chowk, the oldest one, is at the centre of Patan square. Several multi-sized and multi-styled temples occupy the western part of the complex. Main among these are Krishna Temple, Bhimsen Temple and the Golden Temple of Hiranya Varna.

30 Aug 08:52

great image, great treatment, not often I feel the sky dresses noise, but this sky became fine

30 Aug 12:17

Welcome, beautiful composition, some noise in the sky. Should take advantage more the process HDR to improve dark areas.

30 Aug 14:44

I like it.

06 Sep 07:24


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