Stadtpfarrkirche Wasserburg a.I.

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  • September 23, 2011
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23 Sep 12:22

After 1410, the current, dominant church built in the city on the square of the first town church built in 1255 again. At its construction worked until its completion in 1478, the master Hans von Burghausen (among other things, known as the builder of the cathedral of St. Martin in Landshut), Hans Stethaimer, his nephew, Stefan Krumenauer (the Archbishop of Salzburg village shear builder) and finally the water mayor Wolfgang Wieser, who gave the tower its present form in particular. The interior has been changed often. Of the manufactured after 1634 due to a citizens' resolution magnificent Renaissance features through the Zürn brothers remained only the pulpit preserved. In the church and on the outer walls there are many grave stones of important civil and electoral officials.

23 Sep 12:32

even if I am deadly tired of Church photos,... this is good!

23 Sep 13:08

I like it

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