Norwegian autumn 3

Picture by k.pett

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  • September 28, 2011
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  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Single RAW File
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  • Editing Software Photomatix Pro / Photoshop
  • File Format RAW
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autumn norway lake


28 Sep 12:20

Latest image from this location this time, in this picture, I used nik software instead of the photo matrix, I think even that nik did the job better with a single raw file than the photo matrix does anyone have any experiences to share about it? ??:-) I also find it difficult to get trees and leaves to appear as sharp when I use multiple exposures, this despite the fact that I use a tripod so the images are sharp separately, someone who has experienced the same thing so tell me about it :-) have a great day everyone:-):-) K

28 Sep 12:38

Great photo, but I am missing a focus point

28 Sep 13:14

Gr8 reflections:)Very naturally colours :)

28 Sep 14:16

Sometimes a single RAW-landscape-and a high range of light is not easy to get the best performance. PS5, in my opinion, better aligns 5, 7 shots compared to Photomatix, but I prefer creativity, so I prefer to combine with Photomatix. (this is my humble ex

28 Sep 14:17

(questa รจ la mia modesta esperienza)

28 Sep 14:20

Looks great

28 Sep 14:20

Nice for a Single RAW.

28 Sep 16:30

Nice picture!

28 Sep 17:50

Very natrual and nice shoot;)

28 Sep 17:58

Nice composition, beautiful reflection and great fall colors. I use the entire suite to Nik too, and I am very happy with it!

28 Sep 23:41


29 Sep 00:05

Kristine PTOD Congratulations.

29 Sep 00:46

Perfect! The best HDR work is the one mostly close to the real nature!

29 Sep 01:24

Thank you all for your support :-), but my purpose today was never really winning picture of the day, I would just ask for tips regarding the programs and methods, but I could see early that many of you missed the part :-( you commented the picture withou

29 Sep 01:31

without reading the text above;-) why??

29 Sep 02:45

a rare time it can be almost painful to win the pod, and for me this is one of the times I personally believe with all my heart that the image of gekkk: Arctic High Country is much better than my picture in terms of composition, image processing and the s

29 Sep 02:46

subject. so to all of you, maybe we should be better at one refrain from giving high points to the images just because we feel we should and I know Rainer is good to educate new members members about when they should post their photos.

29 Sep 02:51

so that new members have a chance to win the pod, I feel that often in recent months, several of us won the pod, even though we may not have had the best shot.

29 Sep 04:07

Nice shot. I also find that multiple exposures soften the leaves and needles of trees, and this is more pronounced with more images used. So I use all the exposures to get better dynamic range and better color, and then I sharpen the HDR image in PS to

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