German ICE Bullet Train

Picture by cloudberry

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  • 15 Oct
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Train Frankfurt Germany


15 Oct 17:07

Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) Bullet Train. Frankfurt HBF station. Oct 2011. Intercity express. I am impressed by these high speed, comfortable German trains.

15 Oct 17:43

Nice. Do you know how fast it is ?

15 Oct 18:04

The train conductor told me this particular one is capable of about 378 km/h. WAY faster than trains here in the U.S.

15 Oct 18:18

Great composition. As in Uruguay, here the few passenger trains that were not walk more than 40 K / h!!

15 Oct 19:09

I lately had a trip on one of these to Berlin. Boy ... at 340 km/h is scares the s*** out of you when you see the clouds rushing by over you ...

16 Oct 07:47

Very good composition

16 Oct 13:56

I love the composition and the detail.

16 Oct 18:36

very sharp, detail is 1st class.

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