Rocca di Papa

Picture by mau67

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  • November 06, 2011
  • Canon 1000D
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -2-0-+2
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old city italy house sunset


06 Nov 09:33

Although the modern town emerged only in the Middle Ages, the territory was already inhabited rocchigiano since the first millennium BC: Monte Cavo it was sacred to the ancient Mons Albanus Latin, on whose summit stood the temple of Jupiter Lazio, and some historians [4] [5] assume that on the eastern shore of Lake Albano, mostly falling in the territory rocchigiano, rose the legendary Latin capital of Alba Longa. In medieval times, Rocca di Papa was enfeoffed to the Counts of Tusculum, the Annibaldi, the Orsini, and finally, between 1427 and 1870, the Colonna. In 1855, the citizens rebelled against Rocchigiani column and proclaimed the ephemeral Republic of Rocca di Papa

06 Nov 09:50

Very nice view Maurizio but branches of the above are disturbing ;)

06 Nov 13:49

Nice and soft but the branches at top

06 Nov 13:54

Very beautiful! But I agree with others.

06 Nov 14:23

very nice! I agree with others too.

06 Nov 15:02

Breathtaking view.

06 Nov 15:36

Nice, soft HDR

06 Nov 16:04

Very nice....I understand why you left the branches in.....but dont think you needed to as the sky is lovely.

06 Nov 19:31

mi associo ai 9

06 Nov 21:20

Beautiful view!

07 Nov 00:21

Leonardo, Hoy estuve en una reunion familiar, con veinte primos. Me hizo recordar mi desenci Un po 'tardi, ma รจ un bel quadro.

07 Nov 07:59

Lovely scene.

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