God the Father in glory with angels.

Picture by sergio

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  • December 06, 2011
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Minerbio Giacome de Maria church of St. John the Baptist


06 Dec 00:43

This glory was originally made for the main altar of the dismantled church of St Gabriel in Bologna. When the nuns owners of the church were suppressed (1810) the group was moved to the parish church of Minerbio by a neo-classic architect, Angelo Venturoli. He managed to save the baroque effect of dramatic light “alla bernina” by opening two hidden side windows. The group was arranged with the help of a nineteenth-century sculptor, Giacomo de Maria, who added some of the angels and clouds. This is probably the second experiment of Mazza with the Roman baroque effects of light invented by Bernini and employed in his St. Teresa in Santa Maria della Vittoria in Rome, where a dramatic light coming from a hidden window, sometimes through a coloured glass, emphasises statues in a theatrical way. Mazza had already tried this technique in the small chapel of the Grassi family residence in Bologna (1704), where altar and altarpiece are made of stucco. http://www.museumwnf.org/baroqueart/database_item.php?id=monument;BAR;it;Mon12;21;en

06 Dec 09:08

gran processo, ma trovo eccessiva la luce al centro in contrasto con un eccesso di ombre sugli angeli.

06 Dec 10:38

Interesting description. Well illustrated the effect of "Bernini". I like to see this same photo to the golden light of sunset, I think would give a better contrast.

08 Dec 04:32

You do the great artists that created the sculpture justice. They would approve your image.

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