Ponte Cestio - Roma

Picture by mau67

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  • December 13, 2011
  • Canon 1000D
  • Shooting Style Tripod
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bridge old river water roma italy


13 Dec 10:51

Bridge connects the Cestius' island to the right bank of the Tiber, where that extends the Trastevere district. The bridge, built in 46 BC by Lucius Cestius, politician Caesar, had originally a central arch and two smaller arches low arch side, resting on pillars of tuff and lava stone covered with travertine. It was completely rebuilt with three arches, around 370 AD by Emperor Valens, Valentinian and Gratian, as shown in the registration re-inserted into the right wall of the bridge, using the travertine near Theatre of Marcellus in ruins. It was thought that the medieval name of 'Tiber Island, Lycaonia, was due to the presence of this bridge of a statue representing the region of Asia Minor, which became a province in those same years, in 373 AD In the fifteenth century was also known as Bridge St. Bartholomew, of the same name from the church that stands on 'Tiber Island, while in the seventeenth century was also called bridge-Ferrat, the large amount of iron chains of mills in the river. During the construction of the embankments, it was necessary to increase the distance between the island and the shore with the subsequent demolition of the main arch, however, where the material was reused in the renovation of the bridge. A new intervention was necessary in 1902 with the construction of special platforms to curb the momentum of the flow of the river, particularly strong in this part. The last trip of 1999 took care to restore the entire surface of travertine. The bridge measures 54 feet long, 8 wide and has three masonry arches.

13 Dec 11:27

a wonderful bridge, and a nice view, but maybe a bit more contrast??:-)

13 Dec 12:26

I agree Kristin.

13 Dec 13:25

Great composition and detail ! (it might 'jump out' even more with tone curves in the wall..just a thought.)Loooove to see the real this one day :)

13 Dec 14:18

perfect, nice soft color palate.

13 Dec 14:28

Superb Indeed!

13 Dec 15:21

I like the softness of the image

13 Dec 15:42

I agree with Kristin, lovely bridge.

13 Dec 16:08

รจ la magica cittร  di Roma

13 Dec 16:09

Agree with Kristin.

13 Dec 16:22

This is really beautiful view!

13 Dec 17:12

I like delicate tones to this composition

13 Dec 17:28


13 Dec 18:32

Very nice but lacks a little contrast and a bit of vibrancy ;)

13 Dec 18:49

Wonderful picture and motive.

13 Dec 19:10

Super details, a little bit more dark may generate better layers as long as not losing details.

13 Dec 20:22

Superb. shot!

13 Dec 21:07

Lovely image and composition but I agree with all the comments on contrast.

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