Isola Tiberina 2

Picture by mau67

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  • December 22, 2011
  • Canon 1000D
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -2-0-+2
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roma old river italy


22 Dec 11:01

Legend has it that the island was formed in 510 BC by sheaves (bundles of wheat) of wheat harvested in Campo Marzio, owned by King Tarquinius Superbus at the time of the revolt: some studies prove that the island has origins much earlier event. Shortly involved in the vicissitudes of the city, for this reason it housed the temple of Aesculapius, the god of medicine, whose cult was introduced in 292 BC following a plague. In the first half of the first century BC monumentalize square was in place, parallel with the construction of bridges and Fabricio Cestius, and the Vicus Censorius that linked them to it: it took over the shape of a ship, of which the bow is still visible today, with blocks of travertine which are the 'internal lava stone, and some decorations depicting Aesculapius with his snake and a bull's head, perhaps useful for the moorings. There was an obelisk in the center, to portray a mast symbolic remembrance of the arrival in 292 BC from Epidaurus the worship of the deity. Two years before this they had gone a few essays in the Greek city to consult the gods after a terrible plague: the myth has it that a snake - a symbol of the god - walked away from the temple and went on the ship, and once they arrive in Rome the same animal descended on the island where he established himself, after the construction of a temple dedicated to the god, it is said that the plague miraculously vanished. According to a different version, the Campus Martius, the Field of Mars, was not the property of the Tarquins, was consecrated by the hand Vestal Tarquinia.

22 Dec 11:21

well framed, very good process, but with a slight loss of detail in the sky

22 Dec 12:34

d' accordo con leonardo

22 Dec 12:52

this one is lovely, well done:-)

22 Dec 13:07

nice pic mate......

22 Dec 13:30

beautiful place

22 Dec 13:49

Beautiful view!

22 Dec 16:39

Agree with the others.

22 Dec 17:10

Good POV, Good processing, Nice accurate colours, great detail, great sky.

22 Dec 18:43

Stessa considerazione di leonardo.Bel posto.

22 Dec 20:08

Very moody!

22 Dec 20:09

Like a painting. It brings back many memories. In the background is what remains one of the oldest bridges , Which is behind the new iron?, can it be?.

23 Dec 10:21

si ricardo,sono i resti di un ponte romano,prossimamente vedrai qualcosa!

22 Apr 09:36

Very well known history, nice photo to.

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