Merry Christmas to all, from Italy

Picture by maxart

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  • December 24, 2011
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24 Dec 06:15

The Cathedral of St. Sophia and the adjacent Bell Tower is located in Lendinara, town of about twelve thousand inhabitants located in Polesine. The literature considers that the local church dedicated to St. Sophia is built on the ruins of a pagan temple, on the basis of the discovery of two fragments of idols and inscriptions. It was originally a chapel of the family of Lendinara Cattaneo, being built around 1070 by Alberico. Later it was enlarged and dedicated to St. Sophia. Around 1550 it became the property of Molin and, in 1674 is said to be deteriorating. The restoration work dragged on for years, until he became dean d. Dominic Sciopioni enterprise involving d. Francis Anthony Baccari. The latter was responsible for the design of the façade (1778-1780) and the ambition of the bell tower. Work on the tower proceeded without problems for many years (1797-1857). The facade of the church as it now reflects only part of the project Baccari, not only because it was almost immediately forced to problems of stability to abandon the idea of two side towers, but also for the alterations suffered later (1910).

24 Dec 11:46

Merry Xmas to you also....

24 Dec 13:46

Merry Christmas to you also

24 Dec 17:46

I like the frame, something hard the process. Merry Christmas too.

24 Dec 18:58

Merry Christmas also for you and your family!

02 May 13:17

What an amazing view.

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