Marco Aurelio - Campidoglio Roma

Picture by mau67

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  • December 29, 2011
  • Canon 1000D
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -2-0-+2
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29 Dec 12:12

The equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius is the only equestrian statue of the classical era to contemporary integrates come. The statue was erected in 176 A.D. its original location and there are several hypotheses, some saying she was in the Roman Forum, Piazza Colonna others where there was the dynastic temple surrounding the Antonine column. For sure is that in the eighth century, the statue was moved to the Lateran and then be re-mobilized by Paul III in 1538 was settled on the hill since the city authorities since 1143. The statue was saved from the merger due to the erroneous attribution to the emperor Constantine the first Christian emperor, and was called "Constantini caballus", it must be remembered that in the Middle Ages, the intrinsic value of the bronze statues was remarkable and profits from the sale of the huge metal. In 1539 Michelangelo decided the exact location of the statue, and so became the reference point of the square. In 1979, a bomb attack at the nearby Palace of the Senate damaged the marble base of the statue. The investigations ordered that time acknowledge the presence of cracks on the legs of the horse and a serious corrosion process on the whole surface [1] in which it was decided that the statue was restored and preserved for future generations. Restoration work began in January 1981 at the Central Institute of Restoration. The statue was never placed in the Piazza del Campidoglio was instead replaced by a reproduction made ​​with the laser.

29 Dec 13:13

Another great post, if I was being critical I would have cropped or deleted the people in Photoshop by the content aware tool. Still deserves a 10....

29 Dec 13:30


29 Dec 14:34

il processo è grande, forse non è al top l'inquadratura

29 Dec 14:38

Concordo con Leonardo sulla composizione.Il processo non si discute.

29 Dec 14:40

You are so lucky to live in a city with all these great buildings ...

29 Dec 14:45

Great job.

29 Dec 15:42

nice POV

29 Dec 16:10

I think this is better than the previous image on this subject!

29 Dec 18:31

Dramatic and wonderful!

29 Dec 20:33


29 Dec 20:46

Nice composition.

29 Dec 20:46


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