On the narrow path

Picture by k.pett

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  • January 06, 2012
  • Shooting Style Tripod
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path.Røyken sunset winter Norway


06 Jan 09:30

lacks a good definition of the details of the land (my opinion)

06 Jan 09:42

No snow yet? Great picture.

06 Jan 10:39

I like the atmospheric glow to the image

06 Jan 12:00

I agree with pandarino on this one. Of course since it's dark outside that is understandable. It's hard to get a night shot perfect. I love the light from the light post.

06 Jan 12:42

Thank people for comments, for me in this type of image is the important part of the scene that is the path and lights in focus and sharp, left and right of the picture is just a mess of leaves and grass that is messy and not very exciting details;

06 Jan 12:43

-);-) but that's how I see it on my PC at a higher resolution, but either way I'm always happy for comments that are more detailed than "nice Picture ";-);-) anyway have a nice weekend everyone who stops by my photo during the day:-)

06 Jan 13:07

Nice shot.I like path leading you inside frame

06 Jan 16:07

I like the blue sky. Have a delightful weekend.

06 Jan 16:24


06 Jan 17:08

According to the lack of details, but I like the silhouettes of the trees in the deep blue. I could not miss the blue in a photo of Kristin.

06 Jan 17:37

Very nice evening-shot! I like the lamp along the path!

06 Jan 19:40

like the wonderful late afternoon atmosphere. Very nice counterpart of coold and warm colours and a great zoning.

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