Foro Romano

Picture by mau67

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  • January 23, 2012
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old roma italy ruins


23 Jan 10:49

Tito Livio and other ancient authors tell us that shortly after the founding of Rome, was fought in the future Roman Forum, a great battle between the Romans and the Sabines. Because of this it was a betrayal of the vestal virgin, Tarpeia, daughter of the commander of the nearby Roman fortress Spurius Tarpeia, which, by Titus Tatius bribed with gold, did enter the fortified citadel on the Capitol a squad of armed men by deception. [2] the occupation of the fortress of the Sabines, led the two armies to stand at the foot of two hills (the Palatine and the Capitol, later to be built right where the Roman forum [3]), while the leaders of both parties were inciting their soldiers to fight: Metius Curzio for Sabines and the Romans Ostio hostile. The battlefield was surrounded by many hills, does not give the two armies sufficient escape routes or limited areas to chase the enemy "on course". [4] It is said that during the battle, Romulus, seeing his back, cried and promised Jupiter, if you win a temple dedicated to him (near the Roman Forum), [5] and then launched himself in the midst of battle, managing to fight back to the places where a few years later, fate would be known as the Director and the temple of Vesta. [6] [7] It was at this time that the Sabine women, who had been abducted earlier by the Romans, is launched in a hail of bullets between the contending factions to divide and placate the anger. [8] "On one hand, begged their husbands (the Romans) and the other fathers (the Sabines). They prayed not to commit a horrible crime, stained with the blood of a father or a son-in and avoid being guilty of patricide that would give birth to their children, grandchildren and children to each other. » (Tito Livio, Ab Urbe seasoned books, I, 13.) Novità! Fai clic sulle parole riportate sopra per visualizzare le traduzioni alternative. Elimina Google Traduttore per il Business:Translator ToolkitTraduttore di siti webStrumento a supporto dell'export

23 Jan 11:23

Nice treatment and history

23 Jan 11:28

No è la tua più bella, ce ne sono altre che mi sono piaciute di più nel complesso però complimenti!!

23 Jan 13:16

beautiful, but in general I see a lack of micro details

23 Jan 13:19

Awesome view and interesting history!

23 Jan 14:02

Interesting history

23 Jan 14:03

his photos if that tell a story. Great process as usual.

23 Jan 14:48


23 Jan 15:35

I agree with Ricardo....great process

23 Jan 15:37

great photo

23 Jan 15:54

Interesting Hdr

23 Jan 17:31

great shot!

23 Jan 19:07

Again a beautiful picture !!

23 Jan 20:30

I think better crop as in "foro imperiale"

23 Jan 20:36

Another great picture of Rome!

24 Jan 06:47

I like it!

24 Jan 07:45

Perfect composition and processing!

26 Jan 00:58

L'italia, piu bella

02 Feb 11:23


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