I want a total make over!

Picture by dirk

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  • February 12, 2012
  • Nikon D300
  • Nikon 16-85mm
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -2 -1 0 +1 +2
  • Editing Software Photomatix Pro / Others
  • File Format RAW
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Harburg factory


12 Feb 10:54

Old rubber factory. Out of service for some years. They cut off all the stuff, but still the empty rooms show the signs of heavy use in the last decades. Roof is coated with smoke, walls need a new paint and the floors are full of rubbish.

12 Feb 11:10

I like the style and the place

12 Feb 11:14

Like the POV where you can see through the doorway. I feel I want to look through all the rooms...Well processed also

12 Feb 11:19

Want to explore more of this place, but it is a very spooky place. Nobody should be there but you allways hear some noise.....

12 Feb 12:50

I love it. The process looks a little soft, but that could have been the look you were going for. Almost pastel like..

12 Feb 14:09

In this case the over processing it feels good.

12 Feb 16:18

Needs a lot more contrast for me.

12 Feb 16:30

Dirk, it looks like a palace - not like an old factory with rubbish on the floor ;-) You created an attractive atmosphere. Great colors. Great perspective.

12 Feb 18:53

nice shot

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