Wine Baskets and Accessories

Picture by nicolle

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  • February 20, 2012
  • Canon EOS Rebel Xti
  • 18 - 55 Canon
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -2,0,+2
  • Editing Software
  • File Format RAW
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Baskets Wine Accessories


20 Feb 11:22

Based on a suggestion from Randy, I adjusted WB from an earlier posting.

20 Feb 13:58

too much saturation! too purple!

20 Feb 14:06

I think its very sharp, maybe a little of purple but it good. i like it.

20 Feb 14:54

Agree with ossida66 but like the compo. I think it is a little to dark in the back.

20 Feb 14:56

The soft process is nice, but the white balance is off- I think you have daylight 5000+ kelvin at the front and indoor light at the back 3200kelvin so it's a difficult balance.

20 Feb 15:10

Hey, thanks for the input guys. Randall, I think you nailed it. This was at the entrance of the shop and the subject is probably more in the light of the window and the rest of the shop is lit by the god awful florescent lights. Florescent lights can b

20 Feb 15:11

e difficult to judge even in the best conditions. @Dirk, Yeah, I agree with you about the back. I didn't put to much emphasis on it since it wasn't the main part of the picture. Very good point though. Not sure the pic deserves a 6 but hey, people hav

20 Feb 15:13

have the right to vote how they want, even if they haven't ever posted a picture on this sight.

20 Feb 15:57

Process is great.....I agree about the white balance.....maybe a temperature change in the colour may fix it ??

20 Feb 18:45

agree with Darren

20 Feb 19:16

Agree with Randall & few other comments. good subject...Have a look on this website may help you on this kind of lighting..

20 Feb 19:17

I use the credit card size WhiBal when out & about..

20 Feb 21:09

@Inkslinger.... I have ordered that WB Card. Thanks for the info. You will hopefully see a huge difference in the WB on my pics. It's this kind of thing that is most helpful

20 Feb 21:44

It very well processed, but the blue/purple tone is a little much.

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