Castle Ortenberg

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  • March 08, 2012
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castle ortenberg


08 Mar 08:26

After building the castle Ortenberg by the Zähringer 11-12. Century, the castle during the Hohenstaufen rule as the seat of the bailiff used Ortenau. The administrative headquarters of the empire was Ortenau control center, court facilities and customs authority. First, the expansion castle in the 15th Century experience, when the castle was expanded to include the defense towers (Rondeln) with guns. The first destruction of the castle has undergone in the Franco-Dutch War in 1678, when Louis XIV was destroyed the castle by Marshall Créqui. After a reconstruction in the following years, the castle was destroyed in 1697 again. As a result of this re-destruction of the official residence of the bailiff from henceforth governor Francis de Neveu was moved to Offenburg. The present castle was built 1838-1843 by Gabriel Baron of Berckholtz Leonhard (1781-1863) from Livonia, who was in the English style of the medieval ruins by Friedrich Eisenlohr rebuild. The construction management, he wore his student Georg Jakob Schneider. Since 1942, the castle is used as a hostel. More Bauinstandsetzungsmassnahmen to preserve the building followed in the years 1974-1981. In the years 1984-1985, the painter tower was restored. The mold and James Storm followed in the years 1986-1988. It was designated a memorial to Baden-Württemberg "monument of February 2010." (Wikipedia)

08 Mar 15:40

nice subject

08 Mar 18:32

Nice POV & details, depth of Field is great, all the way to the moon.....

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