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  • March 12, 2012
  • Canon EOS 400D
  • Samyang 8mm fisheye
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
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  • Editing Software
  • File Format RAW
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hdr greece greek taverna dri night nocturno long exposure rethymno street flowers fisheye grecja island crete kriti kreta


12 Mar 02:27

great image with a clean process. I love the fisheye effect

12 Mar 04:08

Great shot. This lens interests me. Is it manual focus?

12 Mar 04:23

The process is great, but I don't like the exaggerated look of the fisheye lens. I don't think the picture calls for it.

12 Mar 07:47

Good process,i like the fisheye,

12 Mar 09:55

10 process, optics used inadequate

12 Mar 15:03

mr pandarino likes to critisize but you should improve your own photos before you start critisize that much mate

12 Mar 15:04

It looks like youre trying to get other people points down to get to that first place :)

12 Mar 15:24

you should still learn education .... I do not need to do what you say, I have already won many POD compared to you. Stupid .....

12 Mar 15:28

I think that i voted with a 9 and with good reason. Instead you have voted with 6...............

12 Mar 15:36

"Can't we all just get along?" Rodney King, 1992

12 Mar 16:55

I am a lover of super-wide angle photography. I think software exists to correct vertical distortion in photoshop. I will research.

12 Mar 16:56

one of the coolest Fish eye pics I have seen in a while. Would be a great pic without it also i think. Lol Randall

12 Mar 16:57

What about those who love the distortion? because I do like it :)

12 Mar 17:03

and yes you've won many more pod because you have an account here for almost 2 years and 231 images? My accout is couple days old with few images :)

12 Mar 19:23

I love the 8mm Fisheye! I own this lens from Walimex! Perfect Shot!

12 Mar 19:27

I'm not a fan of fisheye but I like the composition and the process !!

12 Mar 19:49

Nice details, clean & sharp with perfect colours.

12 Mar 19:53

I am not a fan of these guys,that give punish votes. This is a website for people that LOVE pictures and that try to comment fair and helpful. if you are not able to live with the votings, you'd better NOT show us your pics.

12 Mar 21:20

Must adnmit that I do like this shot.I like the contrast of the red flowers with the pale floor and walls.

12 Mar 23:20

Perfect shot and very nice view with the lense effect.

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