Kodama... wood spirit

Picture by johnt

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  • April 07, 2012
  • Canon zoom built on point & shoot...
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -2.. 0 .. +2
  • Editing Software Photomatix Pro
  • File Format JPEG
  • Notes The quiet life...


07 Apr 04:59

This hand plane has participated in over 1000 linear feet of rough sawn lumber in my woodshop. Not an expensive plane in this case but over 20 hours was spent sanding the machine marks from the sole and frog opening.. filing the mouth to almost exact tolerances.. etc. etc. I have been designing and building large carcass furniture pieces since I got home from Vietnam in 1969..

07 Apr 05:22

Let me be the first of hopefully many to give you a 10. Very original content. Great process. I think you are a very quick learner. Good detail and tone

07 Apr 05:32

Incredible details. The wood shavings look great

07 Apr 08:10

The wood look good! Well processed.

07 Apr 10:45

Excellent shot, crystal clear and well composed

07 Apr 11:58

Sharp and clean! 10!

07 Apr 12:25

Good as it gets! FaveD! I was in Country '69-'70. I must have been your replacement.

07 Apr 12:30

Great shot, good details

07 Apr 13:14

only perfect, nice

07 Apr 14:59

Fantastic detail, especially using a P&S. great process as well!

07 Apr 15:13

Its all been said johnt, great post its got to be a 10.....

07 Apr 20:09

Excellent John.....details are super, I like the shavings either side, well set up. Wow 1969 year I was born

07 Apr 20:48

A very good image, composition could be improved by angling the one board moving the changing the angle of the plane and moving a few shaving to the upper quadrant of the image.

07 Apr 23:18

From a photogenic pov.. I agree Spirit but this shot is au natural. I stopped the plane in the middle of a pass and got my camera and shot. Angling the plane is called skewing. The more you angle the lighter the cut. Shavings are normally never before the

08 Apr 00:01

SOOOOOOO CLOSE! Congrats on a 2nd place. Great job

08 Apr 00:05

Great work

08 Apr 14:05

I have been absent, so I'm late to rate this photo, so sorry, and it deserved the top spot. Great job.

26 Jul 12:04


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