The Mill...

Picture by johnt

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  • April 17, 2012
  • 24mm-840mm P&S zoom
  • Shooting Style Hand Held
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  • Editing Software Photomatix Pro
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Rural South.. Mill.. memories if the past..


17 Apr 16:06

I took this shot from around 100 meters (328 ft.) aproximately with my 24mm-840mm built on point and shot super-zoom lens. Hand held using a wrist strap and a competition shooters sitting position on the side of a 35 degree granite slope across the creek. Bright sun over my right shoulder. Toxic mix for a beginner but.. I did the best I could and learned from the en-lightening experience.

17 Apr 16:12

Considering everything you explained, plus the fact you shot this with a Point&Shoot I have to Award you a 9+. If you had Flipped it Horizontally putting the Mill on the right for more Eye Appeal I would have given you 9++.

17 Apr 16:21

FIN rankly Digi... I would have been happy to get 6's on this. I wanted this composition but at 65 I don't have the knees I did when I was a sniper in the Vietnam War. Not bad shape otherwise for an old man but... haha

17 Apr 16:49

Agree with Digi. Great shot and work

17 Apr 16:53

Pleasant looking picture.

17 Apr 17:07

molto bella,ottimo processo!

17 Apr 17:42

I agree with others.

17 Apr 17:48

Nice picture!!

17 Apr 17:52

soft, pleasant post

17 Apr 18:03

Considering the condition and equipment used to take the shot, you did a great job!

17 Apr 20:10


17 Apr 20:15

9 for process and POV and picture quality. +1 for knowing that you were about 328 feet from and 35 degrees +1 for the hike and you showing your age. No, wait that's to many pts

17 Apr 20:42

Hey Flip.. I am a trained sniper so judging distance is second nature. I'm a wood-worker so angles are part of furniture design. The hike down the slope is just well.. exercise.. haha

17 Apr 22:28

The place is adorable. I like to have a place like as a retreat "spiritual" some weekend. For me this well processed, I would change two things, what Ed said (flip horizontally) and lift the sight 2 centimeters (0.8 inch approx.), Which calculating the di

17 Apr 22:29

Which calculating the distance and the objective, capture the crown of the tree and less riverbed. The effort is worth a ten.

18 Apr 00:49

very good job

18 Apr 01:40

Just plainly said, Good Job.

22 Apr 09:13

Really nicely done John :-)

28 Apr 20:13

Very nice shot, lovely place...great colours!

07 Jun 13:00

Bellissima! posto stupendo!

21 Jul 22:14

i enjoyed reading the comments as much as the image :)

23 Jul 09:50

very nice. :) 9+

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