John the Ripper

Picture by johnt

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  • April 22, 2012
  • 24mm-840mm Canon zoom build-on Canon point and shoot
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -2... 0....+2
  • Editing Software Photomatix Pro
  • File Format JPEG
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My woodshop.. 5 HP table saw..


22 Apr 13:57

Experience.. 40 years behind the saw.. 6 months behind the camera so what you see is a view of "my world" from a working woodshop as it exist. Camera set for 10 second delay.. squeeze shutter and run around the saw to assume proper position with push stick for the end result. Saturation..? check the WD 40 can right if my left elbow (your right)as everyone should be familar with the color of it. Glow to left of my right elbow..? A black with gold reflective letter sign I store behind the clamps which glows in light. No apologies for my decor as it is a working woodshop and not a showroom for tools. :)

22 Apr 14:47

Nice POV and processing John :-)

22 Apr 14:48

Agree, great idea, and well done

22 Apr 15:45

Would have like to seen your Face also in the Image. 10 for the Processing alone. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is that BLOOD on your Apron?

22 Apr 16:29

Huge composition, properly processed, it must have been difficult to press the shutter button with these gloves! If blood on her apron, would be a butcher, I think it's paint. Otherwise paint, Johnt could be a serial murderer!

22 Apr 17:07

Great shot and composition. I actually like the fact that your face is not shown

22 Apr 17:10

Great image.

22 Apr 17:15

Nice shot.

22 Apr 17:20

@Digi... don't want to reveal the true idenity of the Ripper.. my cousin Jack has kept people guessing for years. haha

22 Apr 17:23

Not blood for the most part.. red sedona oil stain along with spatters of many others. I do wipe blood on the lower portion before I apply super glue as I nick and cut my hands daily. Just a fact of woodworking.. :)

22 Apr 17:40

@Ricardo.. the righ glove got put on the fly around the table b-4 picking up the push stick. Several practice runs with a final 6 sec. time range to get in place before the 10 sec. shutter fired. Yeah.. it was a pain. :)

22 Apr 20:15

Another great one John. It looks like you have quite a shop there.

22 Apr 21:36

Hey John, your saw looks as (clean) Xerox machine.

23 Apr 13:32

Thanks to those that took their time to generously grade my photo. The rookie is still figuring out how 9 votes shows 11 and nine ten votes averages to 9.9.. Must be "new math". :)

28 Apr 20:06

Great shot, i like it!:-)

21 Jul 22:11

haha great shot only a 9.9 for me as i was impressed with all the blood stains till i read the comments lol, interesting pov and nice processing, think the image is good without jacks face :))

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