Tavern on Square

Picture by johnt

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  • April 30, 2012
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -2.. 0.. +2
  • Editing Software Photomatix Pro
  • File Format JPEG
  • Notes Direct sunlight from low sun at 0:900 hrs. Had to time it just right to avoid traffic in street.
tavern... historical square.. restoration of historic town


30 Apr 14:55

McCrary's Tavern on the courthouse square in my hometown of Lawrenceville, Ga. Originally a drug store with soda fountain and doctors office (house call days) reworked into an upscale tavern with roof seating that allows a view of the historic downtown. Speaking of doctoring.. I don't have photoshop so I have to rely totally on what comes off my point and shoot and Photomatix toning.. Not complaining.. just the facts as they now stand.

30 Apr 16:00

Great work John, amazing what you can do without all the bells & whistles...Nice clean crisp image with superb colour...

30 Apr 16:02

I like it. Good process- Would like to have a rest on the roof.

30 Apr 16:15

Great shot John. The entire process MUST start with a great picture, which this is. I have a photoshop program and I do use it. You do great with out it, but would benefit from having a program of some sort just for refining up the tonality and sharpne

30 Apr 16:23

Thanks guys.. @Flip.. agree but the PS would cost more than my camera and tripod combined so cannot justify after 6 months of photo. I think doing without at the moment will force me to concentrate on basics as lighting.. lighting .. lighting. :)

30 Apr 16:24

but hey you already knew that ... haha

30 Apr 16:49

Nice and natural.

30 Apr 16:52

Very nice and natural

30 Apr 17:49

Great shot! I like the design, the colors are natural and attractive ... is a beautiful representation of a classic American urban corner!

30 Apr 17:58

Nice shot. For me it's cropped a little too close to the top of the building.

30 Apr 18:10

Hey John, as Vietnam veteran you are used to do the job with tools available. Well done.

30 Apr 18:19

Nice one

30 Apr 18:26

you deserve 10 for all the high marks that you have given us all, but i vote the image

30 Apr 18:39

great, crisp, clean shot!!!

30 Apr 18:51

The composition I like the sun reflecting off the glass railing not burn and is behind the chair. The Photoshop CS6 you can download test familiarizing go. There are some free programs that work with layers, such as GIMP or Paint NET.

30 Apr 19:50

Thats a great shot, especially without using photoshop, but the best shots come from the photgrapher, my favourite is Don Mcullins work, on B/W film.

30 Apr 20:24

Hav you tried photo pos pro, its a free photo editor in which you can use layers like photo shop, its also got history tool, check it out its free.

30 Apr 22:07

Wonderful Sharp Processing Sir.....Well Done.

01 May 00:39

Thanks for all the positive feedback.. I got the cheap version of Photo-shop Elements but I am somewhat computer challenged and don't know how to use it. I'll work it out though if I slow down long enough as I stay very busy with this and other interest a

01 May 01:01

Clean, great color

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