Clock Tower..

Picture by johnt

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  • May 02, 2012
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -2.. 0.. +2
  • Editing Software Photomatix Pro
  • File Format JPEG
  • Notes 14:00 hours with sun behind me. Shot on my P&S built on zoom lens from 50 meters or 164' feet approximately..
Southern U.S. History.. the keeping of time..


02 May 15:23

Clock tower of Historic Court House.. Gwinnett Co., Georgia.. U.S.A. There is a clock on all four sides that still chime on the hour as they did when I was a child growing up one block away so fond memories for me. Any suggestions are appreciated as I am just learning photo as most of you know.

02 May 15:42

Correction.. sun over my right shoulder.

02 May 15:50

I like it John. Sharp and clean, great details, colors looks very natural for me. Well done sir.

02 May 15:50

Very good shot!! Perfect processing, colours and details!!:-)

02 May 15:53


02 May 16:13

Great image for a "Rookie". Nice natural details

02 May 16:19

Lots of detail, nice and sharp. Reminds of the clock tower in Back to the Future !!

02 May 16:28

Thanks guys.. going back in a short while to shoot the court-house. This is the 4th atttempt to get the whole thing in the picture. My son showed me how to clone things yesterday with PS Elements so maybe this time around.. haha

02 May 16:32

a great leap forward

02 May 16:52

Well done John. Looks good.

02 May 17:15

Nice work on this one

02 May 18:45

Overall it looks great, Now that this "dominating" PS, could further enhance the sky, making a selection thereof.

02 May 18:45

Overall it looks great, Now that this "dominating" PS, could further enhance the sky, making a selection thereof.

02 May 18:55

Clock says 20:26? regardless great shot

02 May 19:19

Meant to say 0826, lol

02 May 20:12

If it says 08:26 Cloud.. it simply was and the Swiss clock is pretty accurate. I have been there shooting 4 consecutive days.. morning.. mid morn.. mid and late afternoon. The photo was obviously from the morning shoot Sunday around the time in lieu of th

02 May 20:14

the the afternoon shoot I thought it was from. That building has given me fits trying to catch the sun.. shadows.. clouds right but I'm not giving up until I get a decent photo of it. haha

02 May 20:17

@Ricardo.. just got PS E 10 yesterday. The only thing I know how to do so far is clone and my son had to show this computer illiterate old man. haha

02 May 20:27

Nice shot. Agree with the others.

02 May 21:10

Your images have improved tremendously since you've joined John. Outstanding work for a P&S.

02 May 22:39

Really great John, knowing that it was shot with P&S camera. As much as you improve using PSE, your photos will improve as well.

03 May 00:28

Nice one - just try to get rid of the few blown clouds

18 Nov 11:23

10+ :)

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