Leaking Dam..

Picture by johnt

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  • May 03, 2012
  • Zoom built on P&S
  • Shooting Style Tripod
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -2.. 0.. +2
  • Editing Software Photomatix Pro
  • File Format JPEG
  • Notes Direct sun lake.. shade behind dam where I shot from bank at angle. A direct shot into the dam from below made the raging water much worst..


03 May 15:44

Took this just after getting interested in HDR a few months ago. No vote expected as not very good but am looking for help from the old hands which is most of you here. Is there a way to "tame" raging water forced out of cracks like this when bracket shooting exposures. Photoshop.. long exposure under low light which I can't do with P&S..?? I need help as I don't know the capability of my newly acquired PSE 10 as I haven't learned layers yet. Is layers my answer..?? Thanks in advance for assistance.

03 May 15:51

Very good process with natural colors. Nice how the water comes through this little holes in the wall.

03 May 16:04

First of all I don't think you give your self enough credit. Second, there are 2 schools of thought. One is to use a fast shutter speed to freeze the water in place. The other is to use a much slower shutter speed to capture the flow of the waters. It'

03 May 16:07

It really depends on what look you are going for. One tip is to use as low of an ISO as you possibly can like 100. Choose an F stop around 22 or higher That will allow for longer shutter speeds.

03 May 16:26

great shot!

03 May 16:58

I think you have done an excellent job....as for advice for Daze420 is very good with this, he helps me out a lot on our "photo day's out"

03 May 17:06

I agree with flipd

03 May 17:27

Thanks everyone.. @Flip and Mau67.. It's a point and shoot bridge with a few capabilities but far short of the entire menu. I attempt to squeeze the last drop from it so info like this is helpful especially if I upgrade to a big boy camera latter.

03 May 17:31

@Mitch.. appreciate the steer to Daze. I noticed he does some excellent work so I may message him latter if he doesn't see this today.. Ya'll (south U.S. for you all:) have a great day. Good shots all week by ya'll has been the trend.

03 May 17:45

I think this is a great shot

03 May 18:11

nice. the best results even using "ND filters" that reduce the light. mounted in front of the lens

03 May 18:43

I like it. ND filter would improve it, but you're nearly there!

03 May 19:05

mi piace tantissimo!

03 May 19:30

Great shot, using more than one image though it is impossible to avoid the flowing effect, personally I like the way water looks when shot like this.

03 May 19:31

Phil is quite correct though if you only use one image, fast shutter equals froze motion.

03 May 19:38

Very good shot! I like the effect of water...well done!

03 May 19:43

@ Leonardo and Karl.. just googled the ND filters. Very interesting even though my P&S has no screw on recepticle for a filter of any sort. I might try taping a friends filter over my lens just to see what happens.

03 May 19:48

@rrr.. thanks for that input on blending exposures there is no cure all. That is what I expected but don't have enough knowledge on the subject to be sure. I am beginning to conclude there are no cut and dry do's and don't in HDR and more a matter of tast

03 May 19:53

I could be wrong:)

03 May 20:43

Well done !

03 May 21:11

Jonht, lashed out against the wall with the M16A1 assault rifle, I think I use lots of powder, you will burn a little water. Anyway, nice scenery.

03 May 21:12

Like it.

03 May 21:14

I can not give much advice to the theme of water, here is undulating orography and almost no waterfalls. For silk effect using low speed but without filter is burned, this is what I read on the Internet.

03 May 21:25

Thanks again everyone for all the help. @Ricardo.. I did consider using a .50 calibre Browning machine gun and blasting some more holes in the wall to even the water flow.. Deperate can lead to some heavy duty improvision. haha

03 May 21:40


04 May 02:12


04 May 08:14


07 May 12:09

Agree with Ron.

26 Jul 12:03

Refreshing water on a hot day!

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