Cathedral of St. Vigil

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  • May 11, 2012
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The Trento Cathedral, Cathedral of St. Vigil, located on the Square, on the remains of an early Christian church cemetery, where he was buried in St. Vigil martyr. The building is considered among the most important monuments of the sacred mountain. Construction work began in the mid-eleventh century, with the Bishop Ulrich II, who built the crypt and renovate the high altar. Work continued in the twelfth century the Bishop Altemanno. On the whole, however, the construction of the cathedral was built by Bishop Federico Vanga (1207-1218), designed by Adam Comacine master of Arogno. He was so impressed monumental building a strong character, that the Bishop Bernard Clesio brought to fruition in the sixteenth century. For security reasons, the original dome of the cathedral was rebuilt at the end of the nineteenth century, designed by architect Nordio. The style of the temple is to mark the Lombard-Romanesque, Gothic influences, but reflects light. The front view from the Fountain of Neptune, has the magnificent rose window of the transept, which represents the wheel of fortune, a beautiful loggia, and the door of the lions. On the main facade, overlooking Green street, stands the great entrance doorway, surmounted by a fresco of the fourteenth century and an outstanding rose with Christ on the throne, also of the fourteenth century. The bell tower, Romanesque, Baroque is surmounted by a turnip. The wall that overlooks the Piazza d'Arogno is less rich, perhaps because it gave the old cemetery. The fourth side, which stands on street Calepina, is considered the most valuable is follow the apse of the church of San Giovanni, very old, that Adam saved aggregandola Arogno of its construction, the citadel of Bishops, the little bell San Romedio, the main apse and the apse of St. Stephen and then the porch, a jewel of Lombard. The interior is Gothic and the Latin cross, has three aisles divided by fourteen pillars. The altar is baroque opera of 1739. The Chapel of the Crucifix (1682) contains a wooden crucifix by Sixtus Frey, whose feet were published the decrees of the Council. Of the monuments along the walls, it is remarkable that of Roberto Sanseverino, commander of the Venetians, drowned after the defeat of nell'Adige Callander (1487). In the other aisle, there is the simple filing of the largest mortuary Trent Bishop, illustrated by the above framework, in which St. Vigil Clesio presents to the Virgin. In the transept, there are substantial remains of frescoes of the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries. At the bottom of the left nave rises the thirteenth-century statue of Our Lady of the drowned.

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Like gothic scene

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Very nice scene!!!!!!

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ottimo, ottimo

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Grande foto! Complimenti Gio!

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