Mustache and Freckles

Picture by nicolle

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  • May 17, 2012
  • Canon EOS Rebel XS
  • 18 - 55 Canon
  • Shooting Style Hand Held
  • Shoots Number Single RAW File
  • Exposures Number -2,0,+2
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  • File Format RAW
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Horse Tail Freckles


17 May 11:01

This is my friend Lexy which you have seen on here before. I haven't posted in a while so I thought I would stay in the game with this cute picture. It's not the best as far as HDR since I had to make duplicates off of a single raw, but it was so spontaneous I had to share. Thanks for your comments and votes.

17 May 11:13

Nice idea, great colors. A bit to light on her arms. You have a great model. Give her my complement

17 May 12:41

Nice shot - would have been better with the tack in focus

17 May 13:39

Great image. You could have cloned the white stripe coming from the window of the barn

17 May 14:35

I think the complextion on fair skin is fine. The white strip in top is the distraction. I love the idea and this is 10 for me except for that white thingy.

17 May 15:56

a fun shot. welcome back.

17 May 17:08

very cute subject. a bit of noise in the background. Funny pleasant pic.

17 May 17:24

molto bella,perfetta!

17 May 19:05

Nice shot, a little light on the arms, the white thing in the back doesn't bother me. The noise does.

17 May 19:58

Agree bout the white stripe but a great idea and captured moment nonetheless.

17 May 21:17

Superb Single

17 May 22:53

Image that gives an air of freshness, Sly look, according to the brightness of the arms.

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