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  • June 05, 2012
  • Nikon D5000
  • 105mm nikon
  • Shooting Style Hand Held
  • Shoots Number Multiple Exposure
  • Exposures Number -2,0,+2
  • Editing Software Photomatix Pro / Others
  • File Format JPEG
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05 Jun 06:42

I love macrophotography and I wanted to see how water drops would look in an HDR. I think it's pretty neat, hope you like it too

05 Jun 06:57

10 for grass and your son.

05 Jun 07:09

Very nice! Cool lens model. Nice droplets ;-)

05 Jun 07:31

Excellent.favorit for me

05 Jun 11:53

I like it but I think a lack of a central focus makes the image look slightly confused

05 Jun 12:00

I don't think it requires it since there is no spider on it! The water is the subject and it's in very sharp focus

05 Jun 12:02

Its personal preference, you want my honest opinion dont you, I always give my honest opinion on every shot:)

05 Jun 12:04

yes, yes, no worries. My personal opinion is that not every photo has a central point...I look at this as more of an abstract

05 Jun 14:38

@adriany, a fantastic concept and fresh change to the wide angle shots you typically see here. I think this would work wonderfully as a black and white. Also, have you flipped the image to see how that works?

05 Jun 14:41

I tried the b&w but it was so contrasty that my eyes hurt. What I was looking for was to try to get the droplets to be a bit blue and I just desaturated the green a bit, it was too bright

05 Jun 14:44

What do you mean by flipping the image?

05 Jun 14:57

Absolutely Beautiful. The soft lighting and color help make the mood.

05 Jun 15:42


05 Jun 16:16

Excellent.. flipping means well.. flipping. The right moves to left and vice versa. Usually done in photoshop if you have it.

05 Jun 16:19

@Spiritofwestern... I really don't see how flipping would improve this image whatsoever. Flipping is a function in photoshop that would reverse the image from left to right. So what you have on the left would be on the right and what is on the right w

05 Jun 16:22

would be on the left. This image would not benefit from flipping.

05 Jun 16:38

ah ok...

05 Jun 16:43

Cool shot, I like your insect macro better though

05 Jun 16:46

Yep, me too. This was a little experiment to see how it would look as an HDR. I love to experiment

05 Jun 17:05

@nicolle, completely agree, how would flipping this make any difference?

05 Jun 17:34

I really like, the drops seem united by water and not the web. Fantastic view, resemble diamonds, also remember my chemistry classes in high school.

05 Jun 18:03

The blades of grass point/flow from bottom right to top left. Westerners are taught (through reading) to go from left to right, top to bottom. Flipping would change the flow of the photograph to accommodate that learned way of seeing enhancing the flow th

05 Jun 18:03

enhancing the flow through the image.

05 Jun 18:07

I really love this shot (prefer it to the bug one posted later).

05 Jun 19:06

@spirit of weston, you mean assuming that all people look at an image in the same way? Would this also work for say, cubism?

05 Jun 19:26


05 Jun 20:10

I like it. Agree with nicolle and rrr about the flipping. It works sometimes but not in this case.

05 Jun 20:15

I love the look of this shot. You had to get a little wet yourself to get that close!

05 Jun 20:30


05 Jun 20:50

@Randy, not just wet but I will soon get a hernia too! :)) The positions I have to get in for macro...don't do this at home :))

05 Jun 20:52

I think this image was was way overanalized :). It's just a wet spider net that I often shoot cause I love to see the round droplets. The position of the grass has no meaning :)

05 Jun 21:09

For me, the purpose of art is to cause a reaction or feeling in the viewer, so in that respect you can congratulate yourself on creating a work of art:)

05 Jun 21:10

A pleasant one by the way.

05 Jun 21:15

Why thank you good Sir! :)

05 Jun 21:27

nice idea

05 Jun 22:31

You ever have one of those days when you could change your vote. This is one of those days. After further review I would give this a 10 for sure. I like the detail in the drops of water.

06 Jun 02:12

@rrr, please see my PM ref my comments on "Water"

31 Dec 05:56


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